Driving force:

Sustainable communities depend upon trust, responsiveness, and curiosity.

Communal society can be argued to be at an apex. The first generation in the history of the human race has the technology and desire to communicate limitless amounts of information great distances, and to do so instantly. We can research our lives, those of our neighbors, those of anyone we want and instantly report or even re-write facts. Information medias are very noisy places. I find no inherent cause-and-effect relationship between technological advances and fact reporting, thought the need to deliver useful relevant information has never been greater.

As members of civilized society, we need those trained in logical discourse to commit to free and pure ethics before personal gain. If we let them, such individuals can help us satisfy what is truly an insatiable thirst for knowledge beyond simple survival, what is truly a mutually meaningful existence.

My personal experiences as well as those in journalism, academia, and various professional environments have convinced me that misunderstanding of what is “professional,” “just,” “political,” or “socially acceptable,” follows from the delusion that people can be controlled through fear and ignorance. Those who are dedicated and able to carve facts from the “truths” of others can help us determine our own, and the tools with which to improve our lives. Edmund Burke once wrote, “No power so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of reason as does fear.”

We have no choice but to co-exist on this, our deserted island amidst a sea of information. We need true investigators to help filter out the salts of bias, improper influence, and irrelevance.

Welcome to Meridian City.


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