Beauty-Queen Kidnapper Case Concludes

Posted on November 9, 2010


Trial Conclusion: Last Man in Bizzarre Kidnapping Guilty, sues judge, prosecutors, and sheriff. SEE BELOW

In 2010, Robert Ergonis was the last man convicted – the only one of four to stand trial – in a bizarre 2007 kidnapping that garnered national attention. Read Brian Mori’s coverage of the two-week trial, featuring outrageous testimony from Kumari Fullbright, the former beauty pageant winner and University of Arizona law student who arranged to have her boyfriend kidnapped and beaten for several hours in a tucson house. Read how Ergonis, Fullbright’s ex-boyfriend, orchestrated the attack. Read testimonies by their accomplices who pleaded guilty in exchange for lesser sentences.

Victim Describes Attack Click to read

Snitches Detail Kidnapping Click to Read

Kumari Dominates Spotlight Click to Read

Kumari Stuns the Jurors Click to Read

Kumari Reveals Financial Motive Click to Read

Lawyers Close Wacky Kindapping Case Click to Read

Defendant’s Ex-women Say He’s Charming Click to Read

Last Man in Kidnapping Guilty; Sues Against Judge, Prosecutors, and Sheriff Click to Read

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