Man Who Didn’t Pull Trigger Convicted in Drug Murder

The man police believed was hired to help facilitate a marijuana transaction in 2008 was convicted of two counts of murder and a third count of assault after the deal erupted in violence. Ismael Padilla-Contreras was tried and convicted in Pima County as deputies continued to search for the man they believe actually pulled the trigger. Read about the survivor’s close call with death and the investigation that lead detectives to Padilla, who was charged in the deaths because of his suspected involvement with drugs.

“This is as far as you go,” Survivor Describes Killings Click to Read

“I’d rather not Know,” Dope Driver ID’s Defendant  Click to Read

“There’s no connection,” Padilla’s Lawyer Petitions for Dismissal Click to Read

“A smell is not evidence,” Padilla’s Lawyer Argues Against Drugs and Murder “Click to Read”

Guilty Verdict Click to Read


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