Daily Wildcat managing editor cited

Published: Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The managing editor of the Arizona Daily Wildcat Shain Bergan, 21, was cited for disorderly conduct on Saturday morning after police said he forcibly took a sign from another ESPN “College GameDay” spectator and tried to run away with it.

UAPD officer Lindsey Kunz wrote in her report that she watched as Bergan ran past game security and knocked her over as she tried to stop him by putting her arms out.

“The male ran straight into me, causing us both to fall to the ground with me landing on top of the male,” Kunz wrote in the UAPD report.

The incident occurred at 5:42 a.m. near the UA Mall.

In a phone interview Monday evening, Bergan told the Wildcat that he was punched in the face by a man wearing Oregon clothing after they had exchanged verbal taunts.

Bergan said he was not injured by the punch and tore down a paper poster that the man had been holding with other Oregon fans.

“I thought I was being the bigger man by not punching him back,” he said.

There was no mention of alcohol in the report.

“I had been drinking several hours earlier but I was not drunk,” Bergan said.

According to Kuntz, Americo Richard Maloney, the victim listed, told her he did not want to press charges for theft or criminal damage.

There was no mention of physical injuries or assault in the report.

Bergan resigned from the Daily Wildcat on Monday evening.

In a statement to Editor in Chief Alex Dalenberg, Bergan apologized for what he called “idiotic actions.”

Bergan said that he felt forced to resigned. (This comment was edited out of Daily Wildcat Online)

His court date for the disorderly conduct charge is Dec. 10.

Disorderly conduct is a class one misdemeanor.


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