Video: Homicide near UA – Student shoots, kills 2 intruders

My first attempt at journalism (I apologize ahead of time, haha). This was in the middle of the night. I heard sirens, grabbed a camera and a notebook and took off down the street. I arrived, as you will see, before the ambulance and hours before media.

I didn’t actually publish anything but a still-image that went on the Wildcat Online.

Click to read story

Click to read Shain Bergain (AZ Daily Wildcat) article

Basic details:

Tucson Police Dept: 0810160028

Shooting location: 831 e Adams – rear apartment.

Shooting date: 10/16

Approximate time: 1:15 am

Shooter’s name: Jonathan Anderson (D.O.B. redacted from police report)

Victims’ names: Shontel Early and Wesley Fenstermacher (D.O.B.’s redacted from police report)

Investigating Officer(s) “lead/primary”: Hall -#32623 and Whitfield #38862


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